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Use Cases

Scientific Use Cases

The REAP Project will progress with technology development by focusing on several key scientific use cases. These use cases will be defined and refined by domain scientists in oceanography and ecology, working in close conjunction with computer scientists, informatics experts, and technology developers.

The scientific use cases will be chosen according to several criteria:

  • must immediately help address compelling scientific research questions in the areas of oceanography and ecology
  • must reflect technological impediments that grid structures and scientific workflows can help overcome
  • must lead to generalized technology solutions that can be more widely deployed in support of scientific research

Initial detailed articulation of the scientific use cases for the REAP Project will derive from Requirments Workshops that will help specify the needs and requirements for technology development based on the challenges currently facing scientific researchers. The two initial use cases involve one oceanographic, and one terrestrial topic.

Oceanography: Adaptive Modeling of Sea Surface Temperature
Terrestrial: Role of Insect-Vectored Plant Pathogens in Exotic Plant Invasions

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