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Conference Call Notes 20070314

Mar 14, 2007
Participants: Jones, Schildhauer, Altintas, Tao, Barteau, Estrin, Graham, Ludaescher, Seabloom, Cornillon


  • UCSB to make offer this week
  • UCSD: Altintas takes developer role
  • UCD: recruitment in progress, short list now
  • UCLA: Eric Graham, plant ecophysiologist, works with CENS and James reserve
    • involved with the NEON single string testbed

Requirements workshop -- Week of July 23,2007

  • Eric, Mark, Peter, Eric continue to revise participants list
  • Ilkay: have Kepler tutorial at start of meeting
  • Peter: yes, and get started with mockups
  • How many people? 5/5 for each case study

Sensor net hardware setup for terrestrial use case:

  • still waiting for response from Chaitan, maybe find someone else to contact directly
  • Eric S will send the hardware setup to the list for Eric G to review
    • need prices to manage scale
    • Eric G will see if James Reserve folks can give feedback, esp prices

Annual NSF Report

  • NSF has requested it, but it shouldn't really be due yet
  • Matt will continue to see if it is indeed due now, hopefully not until July

Data model comparisons

  • Potter reports no status change yet
  • Need to continue work on comparing data models (EML/Kepler/OPeNDAP/CDM)
    • how easy to crosswalk? can we create a common library across these?

Next conference call

  • Wed Mar 21, 2007 10am pacific time

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