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Conference Call Notes 20070228

REAP conference call notes

Feb 28, 2007
Participants: Jones, Ludaescher, Seabloom, Cornillon, Gallagher, Potter, Tao, Higgins

Sensor net hardware setup for terrestrial use case:

  • Eric will contact Chaitan about NEON setup and prices
  • Matt sends equip budget to eric

Requirements workshop -- Week of July 23,2007

  • Dates look good or most people (not Bertram)
  • James would probably be good for the systems analyst role
  • Eric, Peter, and Mark will coordinate about logistics and invitations


  • Ilkay?
  • Matt -- interviewing next week
  • Bertram -- lots of responses to the postdoc position, will probably go ahead with that with the intention of having them be involved in development

Review paper opportunity

  • Overview/vision paper as part of special issue
    • probably Journal of Hydrologic Engineering
  • James: sounds like a good idea
  • Matt, Bertram, Eric: will take lead on assembling a draft
    • Eric: will work on the use cases, and Eliz and Parviez probably
  • co-authors: all PIs, give chance for review, those who contribute will be co-authors
  • Matt will send email describing the special feature

Subversion: SVN versus CVS

  • wait 6 months, use CVS for now
  • Conversion is too difficult for our sysadmins at the moment, but we do want to transition over

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