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Usecase Event Notification Monitoring System

Use Case Name: Event Notification Monitoring system

Importance: 1


Users would like to be able to design workflows that send out alerts when certain criteria are met.

Users would typically like these kinds of workflows to run automatically and periodically on a cron or cron-like system that easy to setup.


  • monitor rainfall thresholds
  • light monitoring, eg if ambient light < ground level light, send email.
  • monitor if animals go outside a certain radius or bounding box
  • monitor the proximity of different animals, eg mating events


  • A specified threshold or condition has been reached.
  • A certain type of error has occurred

Basic course of events:

  • User designs an event monitoring workflow and sets it to run indefinitely or periodically
  • Workflow continously or periodically runs. workflow checks if certain conditions are true.
  • If a condition is met, a notification is sent via channel specified in workflow (eg email)

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