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RBNB Sink Actor Design And API

There currently exist two prototype Kepler actors that retrieve and output data from RBNB servers, and a few workflows that use them. We will likely merge these actors into one, as well as continue to add functionality to them in the future.

RBNBToKepler outputs streaming data from an RBNB server. It is currently hardcoded to localhost.

RBNBToKepler2 operates on a timeslice of data from an RBNB server. The user specifies server, time range, and optionally channels to ignore, and the actor then retrieves and outputs data and associated timestamps through multiports.

There are two demonstration workflows that use the RBNBToKepler2 actor that you can try from the CVS version of Kepler:

  • workflows/neon/RBNBToKeplerDisplay4SDF.xml (Creates plots)
  • workflows/reap/TerrestrialRBNB_QAQC.xml (Emails alerts)

Attached below are some plots from the RBNBToKepler2 actor, results of sensor data being pulled from an RBNB server and plotted. For more details please see the Terrestrial UseCase Hardware page

RBNBToKeplerDisplay4SDF_tmp_screenshot.jpg Info on RBNBToKeplerDisplay4SDF_tmp_screenshot.jpg 140599 bytes
WS_ms_Avg.jpg Info on WS_ms_Avg.jpg 46804 bytes
qsosun_Avg.jpg Info on qsosun_Avg.jpg 72442 bytes
Rain_mm_Tot.jpg Info on Rain_mm_Tot.jpg 40860 bytes
VW_Avg_new.jpg Info on VW_Avg_new.jpg 53973 bytes
lqs70_Avg(1).jpg Info on lqs70_Avg(1).jpg 74036 bytes
air_temp_C.jpg Info on air_temp_C.jpg 76472 bytes
records.jpg Info on records.jpg 52778 bytes
VW_Avg_2_new.jpg Info on VW_Avg_2_new.jpg 44366 bytes
VW_Avg.jpg Info on VW_Avg.jpg 58128 bytes
relative_humidity.jpg Info on relative_humidity.jpg 67579 bytes
lqs70_Avg(2).jpg Info on lqs70_Avg(2).jpg 70280 bytes
VW_Avg_2.jpg Info on VW_Avg_2.jpg 45425 bytes
Batt_Volt_Mins.jpg Info on Batt_Volt_Mins.jpg 72261 bytes

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