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Usecase Detached Execution

Use Case Name: Detached Execution

Importance: 1, votes: 4



  • User would like the ability to begin a Kepler workflow with laptop, detach/disconnect, and reconnect at a later time to check on execution status. Notifications may optionally be sent when workflow execution completes (how notifications will be sent will likely be configured in the workflow).
  • Ability to launch from the command line in batch mode.
  • Ability to re-attach to running job to check its progress.
  • User would also like to check status, and stop workflow jobs via a web interface.


  • Have a complete workflow assembled.
  • Distributed execution system has been built and running on an accessible server.
  • Server has all software that the workflow requires (eg R, Matlab, etc)
  • Other users are not currently connected to workflow with Write access.


  • User launches job in batch mode. It will automatically detach at this point.
  • From gui, user selects "detach".

Basic course of events:

  • User designs workflow that includes notification system (eg uses Email Sender actor).
  • User identifies server(s) and establishes connection.
  • User executes workflow in either batch or gui mode (when workflow has graphical output, batch mode can handle this, eg ignore it, or write it out to eg pdfs)
  • When workflow completes it sends notification.
  • While job is running, user can reconnect to server and check status, alter settings, stop job or retrieve results.

Alternative paths:

  • Instead of using Kepler, view progress on a webpage.
  • Ability to suspend workflow without detaching from it

Business rules:
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