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Usecase Tutorial Or Wizard For Wrapping External Programs

Use Case Name: Tutorial or Wizard for wrapping external programs

Importance: 1, votes: 4


Users would like to easily wrap an external program in Kepler. By "wrap" we mean create a simple workflow that consists of being able to run an external program that has already been developed, eg a C or Fortran program.

Users would like either or both of the following:

  1. an instruction set / tutorial for easily "wrapping" an external program into a workflow in Kepler
  2. a wizard inside Kepler that takes them through the steps of producing this workflow.


Working external program has already been written.


User runs wizard or user opens tutorial.

Basic course of events:

User executes wizard inside Kepler, points it at their external program, and configures any required settings via the wizard.

Alternative paths:

User reads tutorial that explains how to "wrap" external programs and builds the workflow.

Business rules:
Author and date:

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