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Usecase Actor For Data Merge For Specific Product

Use Case Name: Actor for Data-Merge for specific product

Importance: 1, votes: 2


Users want the ability to easily merge many different data sources into one. For example, in the REAP terrestrial case study users might want to merge a) data in differently formatted excel and text files b) data from near-realtime streams and c) data pulled from an archive. Users want this process to convert units if needs be.


An instance of data-merge component has been created with inputs connected to desired data sources.


User executes workflow.

Basic course of events:

User creates an instance of data-merge component and connects its input ports to desired data sources. User specifies certain properties in the data-merge actor regarding how to merge data (eg how to convert units, if interpolation or decimation should occur, which differently names fields correspond, etc). Depending on how complex the data-merge actor becomes, it may have to require user interaction.

Alternative paths:

User merges data themselves :)


Merged derived source data product is produced--and potentially saved.

Business rules:
Author and date:

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