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Usecase Manage A Group Of Model Runs

Use Case Name: Manage a group of model runs

Importance: 1, votes: 1


Users would like to be able to design a workflow that allows for the management a group of model runs. This means:

  • allowing user to easily define multi-dimensional parameter sweep
  • allowing user to change course by redefining the parameter sweep part-way through execution
  • saving all important aspects of each run (a log of parameters used, changes made, data products produced (including graphs))
  • grouping sets of products produced in an understandable way (eg legend of params used on each graph, listed in metadata of products produced, output files grouped by name or directories, etc)
  • user might like ability to specify which intermediate data products are saved.
  • ability to read parameter space from a file that user has configured
  • allow for "irregular sweeps"
  • allow random parameters

This might be accomplished with a parameter sweep actor.

Basic course of events:

User develops workflow that includes a Parameter Sweep component. The input port(s) of this component are connected to parameters or parameter source(s) like a text file.

Alternative paths:

User designs a workflow that uses and changes (existing) Parameter components.

Business rules:
Author and date:

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