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Usecase Fake Data Generator Actors

Use Case Name: FakeData Generator Actor(s)

Importance: 2


Users would like a set of FakeData Generator Actors appropriate to the REAP Case Studies. A FakeData actor should produce data in the same way a real data source would. For example, a "FakeData_CR800_Temperature" Actor might produce a datastream of temperature data at 1 "sample" per minute. The actual data in the datastream should be indecipherable from a real temperature stream coming out of a Campbell CR800 datalogger deployed in the field. Somewhere in the metadata however, a FakeData Generator Actor should clearly identify itself (as being fake).


Depending on how exactly we wish to simulate certain datalogger datastreams, these specs need to be available during the development of this/these actor(s).

Basic course of events:

  • User drags actor to canvas like any other data source.
  • User configures actor to specify it as a certain type of data source (eg Campbell temperature stream) with sampling characteristics.

Alternative paths:
Business rules:
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