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2008-07-21 Mon site: REAP01 visitor: Emily Orling log:

Conducted experiments to 1) ensure we know the physical location of each light sensor and 2) try to determine why qsosun is tracking but began reporting lower than ground level values around 14:30 2008-05-30.

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11:10-11:30PT - covered (blocked sun) linear light bar inside treated area (lower on the hill than met station) 11:10 - 11:50 - removed soil moisture probe inside treated area. on reinsert probe leg bent a bit, but is relatively straight now. 13:50-14:00PT - covered (blocked sun) from qsosun

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14:00PT cleaned qsosun w/ alcohol and qtip

Site in ok shape. Rain gage funnel and filter-mesh found on ground nearby, difficulty clipping it back on securely. Some bird waste on solar panel cleaned off. qsosun looked clean, but was cleaned anyways as noted above. qsosun cable looked fine. Putty sealant on enclosure bottom around incoming cables is starting to flake off, future visitor should bring more. Enclosure desiccant should probably be replaced too.

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