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Ocean_SST_Usecase 2

Usecase #2 - IDENTIFY data sources

Version: 1.0


In this use case the user finds and selects data sets that meet a set of search criteria. The search criteria are specified by the user.

  • Input: Parameters associated with the target data set.
  • Output: List of data sets ==> This list is the input to Use Case #3, in which a match-up data set is built.


  • Data sets must be discoverable with GCMD, ADL or ...

  • Must know certain critical aspects (metadata) about target data set-- such as spatial extent, temporal extent, spatial resolution and temporal resolution,


Basic course of events:

  1. Provide data set search parameters: - spatial range
    - temporal range
    - spatial resolution
    - temporal resolution
    - type (climatology or time series)
    - source (model, in situ, satellite)
    - Access mechanism
  2. Issue request to search engine(s).
  3. Manually filter response to arrive at the desired data set list
  4. Output this list.

Alternative paths:


Business rules:


  • Data sets may be remote
  • Data sets may not be well described
  • Data sets may be very large

Author and date - SST Use Case Development Group 25 July 2007.

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