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Conference Call Notes 20072922

Aug 29, 2007
Participants: Altintas, Barseghian, Gallagher, Higgins, Jones, Potter, Rueda

  • Sensor and network metadata discussion:
    • which standard? how to incorporate into REAP?
    • Rueda will look into these (eg SWE, sensorML) further.

  • Incorporating Rueda's work on status icons into Kepler
    • would be nice to:
      • generalize this for all actors
      • allow priority levels assignment when user is displaying provenance

  • Hydrology workshop Baltimore Oct 22-23 has invited Matt/REAP but he cannot attend. Someone else?

    • automated record disassembler
    • try to support all OPeNDAP data but make the usual cases (2-3 dimensional data) very easy

  • RBNB
    • Once actor is pointed at a server, user should be able to understand what it provides
    • support SDF and PN for certain, preferably all domains.

  • Should attempt to create generalized standard interface for datasources (RBNB, OPeNDAP, SQL...)

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