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+ *Barseghian, D; Altintas, I; Jones, M; Crawl, D; Potter, N; Gallagher, J; Cornillon, P; Schildhauer, M, "Terrestrial and Oceanographic Data Access and Analysis using the Kepler Scientific Workflow System", Ecological Informatics, p. , vol. , (2009). Submitted,
+ *Wang, J; Crawl, D; Altintas, I; "Kepler + Hadoop : A General Architecture Facilitating Data-Intensive Applications in Scientific Workflow Systems", In Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (WORKS09) at Supercomputing 2009 (SC2009) Conference.
+ *Wang, J; Altintas, I; Hosseini, P; Barseghian, D; Crawl, D; Berkley, C; Jones, M, "Accelerating Parameter Sweep Workflows by Utilizing Ad-hoc Network Computing Resources: an Ecological Example", In Proceedings of IEEE 2009 Third International Workshop on Scientific Workflows (SWF 2009), 2009 Congress on Services (Services 2009), pages 267-274.
+ !2008
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